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DO FEAR!!! XY the maniac is here!!! :D
 If you have purchased or sold something from/to me, please kindly leave feedback by commenting on this post in this format:


Status:( buyer/seller)


If you want me to leave feedback for you, please add the link at the end of your post.

Thank you :)

My feedback page on eglfeedback  can be found here:
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 It's finally going to be crunch time for me! The next two weeks will probably be the most stressful.Two essays to hand in. One of which is like a final paper of sorts, and both are individual work. I've been doing so much group projects that doing it alone makes me feel so insecure :(

It's time to buck up! *slaps self*

I need to kick my addiction to wasting so much time on the computer doing...absolutely nothing.

Had my fun today at the tea party, it's time to sacrifice my social life to the academic gods.
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 Been feeling out of sorts lately. All I've been doing lately is play and I've not been making any effort in my studies at all! Somehow I just keep giving myself excuses and finding distractions so I can procrastinate. This has got to end.

Time to reboot my system and get myself up to speed after this Chinese New Year! Gotta keep it together man.

I shall exercise tomorrow! Been a while since I really got a good sweat going.(Well other than melting under the sun) Also I shall sleep earlier. Healthy skin and nails!

Now it's time to finish my proposal for my project that's due tomorrow. *slaps self in face* I gotta stop torturing myself like this D:
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What's wrong with liking anime?Collapse )
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I am supposed to be sleeping grah.

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So much I need to do...and yet I am still sitting here.GRAH.

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There's scans! It's like a whole new take on Disney Princesses...

All I can say is OMG I WANT THAT BOOK. The art is so lovely *pines* Dammit why don't we have this is Sg. I'll be so over that in a heartbeat! :(
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The yinkish dripner blorked quastofically into the nindin with the pidibs.

That is all.

Current Mood: bouncy bouncy

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Totally disturbing starburst ad:


And someone did a remix of it!:

Dude,if I ever get into advertising, I am SO going to make crazy ads like this all the time.They are so AWESOME :D
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